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        Agricultural, forest and food products

        發布時間:2016/12/16 點擊

        Soft woods:

              AHTECH independently operates the logs of Douglas fir, hemlock, spruce, yellow cedar and red cedar imported from North American countries, and the timber boards of white pine, pine and spruce exported by Russia and other European countries.

        Contact us:

        Lorna Ding

        Tel: +86-551-65101229     +86-13866666285  


        Hard woods:

              AHTECH independently operates dried plates of hard woods imported from North American countries, including red oak, white oak, ash, tulip (boxwood), hard maple, soft maple, cherry, black walnut, red birch, and pacific maple.

        Contact us:

        Elena Li

        Tel:+86-551-65101590     +86-15905602128  

        Email: mxli@ahtech.com.cn



              AHTECH deputizes and independently distributes cotton imported from Australian, India, American, West Africa and Brazil.

        Contact us:

        Hawk Wu



        Tapioca chips:

              AHTECH deputizes and independently distributes imported tapioca chips and slices originally from Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea and African countries.

        Contact us: