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        No limits to our dream

        We never stop our steps on the way of our endless exploration

        We have honesty and sincerity, and trade partners all over the world

        We are thriving on our cherished dream

        Cherished in our mind is our mutual
        expectations with which we stand together

        We expect those Made-in-China are received
        with applause and praise in the world

        And products imported boosts up China’s
        development in the global village

        No limits to our trade

        No limits to our dream

        The Dream of China are coming
        true on the stage of world community

        Gather all forces to power the future

        Mainspring originates from inheritance of excellence, quality harvests beautiful future

        Only by studying on the change and observing the trend of the world can we take the forefront of the times.

        Gather all forces to power the future

        Insisting on innovation in development and development in innovation, AHTECH, full of passion of the times, enjoys the world and win-win situation of the future