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        Vision: virtue, wealth, harmony and sustainability

        Missions: serve the society with absolute sincerity

        Core values: solidarity, dedication, advancing and service

        Operation philosophy: safety, benefit and scale


        Concept of being honest: honesty is the foundation of survival

        Concept of being innovative: innovation is the source power of development

        Concept of serving customers: providing customers with refined and customized services, and developing together with quality customers

        Concept of upgrading talent: talent is the reliable force to carry forward  the vitality of the company

        Personality values: promote team spirit and pursue common growth. Abide by morality and adhere to integrity and fidelity; cherish harmony and seek for concerted cooperation in business; take wisdom as ability and pursue innovative and superb management; and respect diligence and encourage continued dedication in work

        Values of power: leadership is created in business career, trust is cultivated with personality, benefit is distributed according to contribution, and homestead is constructed by us all

        Values of crisis: never be self-contented; never attack others; never compete disorderly; and never give up morality and quality